October 17, 2021

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1.56 crore gold hidden in computer equipment, 3 arrested

Chennai Air Customs

Chennai Air Customs

A large quantity of gold was seized at the airport by customs officials. Customs were seized in a special operation at Chennai International Airport.

This time from Dubai, the airline is secretly trying to deliver. Hundreds of golds were hidden between different parts of the computer in the form of sheets.

Chennai Air Customs: 3.15 kg gold valued @ Rs.1.57 Cr seized under CustomsAct from 8 pax who arrvd by flts FZ8517,IX1644 &6E66 from Dubai on Nov 28/29, 64 gold sheets/foils frm LCD monitors,12 frm laptop, trolley bag & 3 packets of gold paste frm pant were recovered.3 Arrested

The golds were seized by the Customs Department on the basis of a tip-off on November 26-29. Three passengers, Mohammad Ichak, 26, Chadik Ali, 53, and Hanifa, 38, of Mohsin Nagar, were arrested in connection with the incident.