October 14, 2021

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AK-47 rifle as a wedding gift! The video is viral

AK-47 rifle as a wedding gift

AK-47 rifle as a wedding gift

It is not uncommon for people to shoot at each other during a wedding ceremony. In the midst of such a mythological tradition of firing, many people have lost their lives. The gift of an AK-47 rifle at this wedding has caused a great deal of controversy on the Internet.
It is learned that a woman in a Pakistani wedding gave away an AK-47 rifle as a gift. A video of this gift giving moment has recently gone viral on social media. Many people who use social media have strongly condemned this practice.
An IPS officer remarked that the mentality of some citizens of India’s neighboring countries has come down to the belief that they do not hesitate to take bribes in the name of gifts.

The video shows a woman picking up a woman’s rifle after she appeared near the door and the woman presents the rifle as a gift. Some people have commented that such incidents are possible only in Pakistan!