October 14, 2021

Viral Issues

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Farmer’s video goes viral

Farmer's video goes viral

Farmer's video goes viral

The farmers of Punjab have once again protested against the three agricultural laws passed by the Central Government and announced a program to go to Delhi and are currently being barred from entering the state bordering Delhi.

The video of the demonstrator being killed along with the police in some places has already gone viral in order to prevent farmers from entering Delhi in order to prevent them from entering Delhi.

But now a viral video has shown how a demonstrator named Navadwip Singh has closed the water pipe of Varun’s vehicle and jumped back into a tractor. He told reporters that he had heard of a reading, that he had a bachelor’s degree, that he did not have the habit of jumping, but that it was due to the courage of the performers that he was able to do so. Check out the video.